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Healthy Heart

Learn How Okuma's Oolong Tea and a Healthy Heart May Go Hand in Hand

Keeping a healthy heart diet is more important than ever. According to the American Heart Association, the number one killer of American women is heart disease. Men and women alike are learning what it means to eat and drink a healthy heart diet. Doctors and researchers are also discovering how tea and a healthy heart could go hand in hand.

Okuma's Oolong Tea is rich in tea polyphenols, tea catechins, and EGCG, which are potent antioxidants that go to work scavenging for oxidants, or toxins, to neutralize their abilities to damage cells within your body. With its exceptionally high concentration of polyphenols, Okuma's Oolong Tea is an essential component to your healthy heart diet.


Research: Tea and a Healthy Heart Diet

Within the cardiovascular system, oxidants can damage the blood vessel lining and contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, the disease affecting the arterial blood vessels. The term you may be more familiar with is hardening of the arteries, which is caused by the formation of plaques within the arteries.

These oxidants are introduced into your body through pollution, stress and many other ways, but the big contributors to heart related illnesses derive from high fat diets that raise the bad cholesterol levels, or LDL. Some people may also inherit high cholesterol issues. In any case, we could all benefit from a heart healthy diet.

The benefits of tea for a healthy body, but when it comes to tea and a healthy heart, a Dutch study1associated polyphenols found in Oolong tea with a lower risk of death from coronary heart disease and a lower incidence of stroke.

In addition to Oolong tea’s power to contribute to your healthy heart diet by reducing arterial damage, catechin rich tea has also been shown to reduce LDL levels and body fat2 by reducing dietary lipid absorption3. This may result not only in a healthier heart, but natural weight loss as well. We have testimonials from real customers who have lost weight while drinking Okuma's Oolong healthy heart diet and weight loss tea.

Making Okuma's Oolong Tea Part of Your Healthy Heart Diet

In a survey published last year in The American Journal of Cardiology, 63% of people with heart disease said they used supplements to aid in their healthy heart diet goals.

Okuma's Oolong Tea Capsules are a great complement to a heart healthy diet of Oolong Tea, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. The power within one PolyTeaNx capsule contains 425mg of Okuma's Oolong Tea extract in a highly concentrated natural diet aid.

February 1st is national "Go Red For Women," founded by the American Heart Association to help you fight back against the No. 1 killer of American women. Learn more about the importance of a healthy heart diet and about supporting this cause.

Start shopping for Oolong healthy heart diet tea and see for yourself how easy it is to achieve your healthy body. Try it and love it, or your money back. If you have any questions about Okuma's Oolong products, visit our Oolong Tea FAQs or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to assist you!

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