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About Us: Okuma Nutritionals

Okuma Nutritionals Origins

Okuma Nutritionals, LLC was formed in November of 2005 after years of working for a well-known national health and nutrition company and discovering significant research spotlighting the weight loss and health benefits of oolong tea. The data showed time and time again how individuals benefited from oolong tea by losing weight, having more energy and experiencing the positive affects of very powerful disease fighting antioxidants. This is when Okuma’s premium Oolong Tea came to be.

Backed by Science

Research shows drinking two cups of Okuma's Weight Loss Tea every day may help you not only shed stubborn pounds by boosting your metabolism (Journal of Medical Investigation) but also may help block the fattening effects of carbohydrates (Suntory Research Center); promote strong, healthy teeth (Osaka University); improve cognitive functioning and mental well-being (Bencao Shiyi); clarify your skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow (Archives of Dermatology); and strengthen your immune system (Journal of Antioxidants and Redox Signaling).

Creating a Premium Tea

Like fine wine, oolong teas are not all the same. Working with the best tea masters for sourcing and quality control, we discovered where the tea is grown and which crop cycle provides the maximum benefits. As a result, we provide our customers with the best PREMIUM brand of oolong tea: Okuma's Oolong Tea.

The tea market has grown substantially over the years, including the variety of teas available and quality levels from brand to brand. A variety of factors determine the quality of tea:

  • Where the tea is grown?
  • What time of year it is harvested? Spring is ideal because the fresh new tea leaves are harvested.
  • How it is processed? Often an art passed down through generations.
  • How it is stored and handled after processing?
  • How quickly does it get from the growers in China to your teacup?


All of these factors impact not only how the tea tastes, but also the levels of polyphenols, catechin, thearubigin, ECGC, and antioxidants which make the tea so good for you.

Okuma's Premium Oolong Weight Loss Tea is produced in tea gardens that conform to the lowest minimum residue levels (MRL) for approved agricultural inputs for tea. Unlike most tea importers, who focus only on providing their customers with the best tasting tea, Okuma has focused on the tea?s remarkable health and weight loss benefits by providing a tea loaded with healthy compounds and antioxidants.

Of course, taste is still important, so Okuma offers one of the best tasting teas anywhere by maximizing on freshness and quality across the distribution process. Okuma's brand of Oolong Tea is picked at the most opportune time from the best low-MRL gardens. The tea is then processed by the same experts whose families have been making oolong tea for generations, shipped here quickly and safely, packaged properly to preserve freshness and the vital compounds, and delivered to you with maximum potency.

The Okuma Story Continues…

Soon, word spread, and today Okuma is proud to say we have over 650,000 customers (domestically and internationally) who have enjoyed the wonderful goodness of our Oolong tea and the other fine health and nutritional products our company has developed.

This success garnered a lot of attention, and soon after, a number of "me too" companies emerged, touting variations of the name. Although the best form of flattery is imitation, it's important to know that Okuma Nutritionals was the first to offer this branded tea in the United States, and our product is superior to the knock-offs. Because of our high standards for nutrient levels and quality, we stand behind our authentic premium Chinese slimming tea with a money-back guarantee.

Stay tuned as the Okuma health and nutrition company story continues to unfold. And if you are one of many who has given us your Oolong tea success story, we thank you and take every word to heart.

Along with the research we find on the benefits of our Oolong Tea and the many antioxidants it contains, we use your feedback and comments to continually improve our product and develop new, natural products that will help you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Thank you and enjoy!