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The Makings of Okuma's Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a high quality brand of Oolong tea. Though all tea is produced from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis), the different types of tea are the result of different fermentation processes. Oolong tea is closer in taste to green tea than black tea; however, Oolong tea lacks the grassy taste of green tea.

Oolong tea leaves are usually harvested in the late spring and summer. Once tea leaves are picked from the tea plant, it regenerates and grows another cycle of leaves. The first growth is the first cycle; it has the most nutrients, the strongest taste, and the highest quality. Okuma's Oolong tea is made onlyfrom first growth Oolong tea leaves, which is why it is superior to other Oolong teas in nutrients, taste, texture, quality, and its health benefits. Learn more about Okuma's Oolong tea and other brands of Oolong tea.


The History of Oolong Tea

The history of Oolong tea begins with a legend. According to this legend, Oolong tea was invented by accident by a man named Wu Liang. One day Wu Liang was picking tea leaves and caught sight of a deer. Abandoning his tea leaves, Wu Liang went off to the hunt. A day or two later he returned to find that his tea leaves had been oxidized by the sun. Wu Liang decided not to waste his freshly picked tea leaves and finished preparing the tea. To his surprise, this new tea had a wonderful new taste unlike any other. The tale of the tea spread and over time and came to be known as Oolong tea. Okuma was the first to yield high quality Oolong and brand it Oolong tea.

There is no way of knowing for certain if the legend is true, but one thing is certain – Oolong tea has a taste all its own. Introduced hundreds of years ago as Oolong and perfected by Okuma, Oolong tea is more than just a fat burning, skin clearing, energizing drink that you utilize for its health benefits – it’s a drink that you’ll actually enjoy&and one that just happens to be incredibly good for you too.*

Okuma’s Oolong tea is available in tea bags or tea capsules

Start shopping for Oolong tea today, and see for yourself how simple and delicious losing weight can be. Try it and love it, or your money back. If you have any questions about Okuma's Oolong products, visit our Oolong Tea FAQ's or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to assist you.