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Quick Weight Loss Tea

Oolong Tea or Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Your number one choice for Chinese quick weight loss tea is Okuma's Oolong Tea. There are many teas on the market today, such as green tea, for weight loss, but Okuma's Chinese Oolong Tea is far superior, not only for weight loss, but for health and beauty.

According to a study performed by the Department of Applied Nutrition at the University of Tokushima School of Medicine, Oolong Tea was shown to inhibit fat and carbohydrate absorption while increasing energy metabolism. The study accredits the high concentration of polyphenols present in Oolong Tea to the higher level of weight loss in its subjects.


What is Polyphenol?

Polyphenol is a substance that has more than two phenol-based hydroxyl groups within a single molecule. There are many substances with the chemistry of a polyphenol, which consists of two or more benzene rings that each has at least one hydroxyl group attached. Most polyphenols occur naturally in plants, such as the plant from which all tea is made – Camellia Sinensis.

Though all tea stems from the same plant, all teas are not created equal Oolong Tea, because of the way it is produced and through its fermentation and oxidation process, has a higher concentration of polyphenols than any other tea.

Oolong Tea has close to double the amount of polyphenols compared to green tea, making it the leader in quick weight loss tea.

Okuma's Oolong Quick Weight Loss Tea

While both Oolong and green tea promote weight loss, Oolong or Oolong tea is a more effective quick weight loss tea than green tea. Weight loss occurs when your body mass is reduced. This reduction can be caused by loss of fluid, body fat, etc. The high concentration of polyphenols in Okuma’s Oolong quick Chinese weight loss tea increases your metabolism and reduces fat and carb absorption, which helps your body to lose weight faster. Though Oolong Tea and green tea both have caffeine which boosts your metabolism, studies show that Oolong Tea actually has about half the amount of caffeine that green tea has, yet contributes more to weight loss due to its polyphenols.

Okuma’s Oolong Tea is so much more than a Chinese quick weight loss tea it helps improve the overall health of your mind and body. Oolong Tea alone will lead to weight loss over time; however, in combination with diet and exercise, it can help you lose the weight even faster. Add Okuma’s Chinese Oolong quick weight loss tea to your healthy diet and exercise plan, and see real results in no time.

Okuma's Oolong quick Chinese weight loss tea is available in tea bags or tea capsules.

Buy for quick weight loss tea today, and see for yourself how simple and delicious losing weight can be. Try it and love it, or your money back. If you have any questions about Okuma's Oolong products, visit our FAQ's or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to assist you.